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This is a collection of links I've found to sed resources available on or via the Net. If you have anything to add, or you have any broken links to report, please email me.


Sven Guckes home page
A page with lots of sed links. Many more useful links on perl, Lynx, vim, MUTT, SLRN and other utilities can be found at Sven's home page.
Eric Pement's sed page
This is the sed page by the author of the sed FAQ.
Yao-Jen Chang's sed page
Yao-Jen also has an interesting page with some interesting and tricky sed scripts he wrote.


A recently formed group for discussing batch editing languages, tools, techniques and suchlike.
Start here.
Also available are the comp.editors FAQs (currently for vi and VIM only).
Discusses compilers, tools & languages.
comp.lang.misc also has a catalogue. Currently, the only sed it lists is GNU sed, but there is a wealth of alternative utilities for all platforms. From the intro:
This list catalogues freely available software for language tools, which includes the libraries, assemblers, etc. -- things whose user interface is a language. Natural language processing tools may also be included.
An up-to-date list is also available via ftp (~345k, multi-part) from and
Problems incorporating sed in a shell script?

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sed & awk (2nd edition)
See also: (1st edition)
By Dale Dougherty. Heavily reviewed, and considered by many to be the sed bible. The second edition deals with GNU sed. One of the unrivalled series of Nutshell Handbooks from O'Reilly & Associates. Unfortunately, this books deals far more with awk than sed, but it is still a valuable resource, and indispensable for anyone who uses these two classic utilities seriously.
Also check out the tutorials page for useful introductions and discussions on sed.

Updated 11 Feb 2005